What to Drink on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise?

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise organizes a boat tour in the Bosphorus that you will enjoy for you. Boat tour with Bosphorus view takes on unique beauties, especially in the evening hours. Boat tour on the Bosphorus can be a nice experience for you to spend a calm and peaceful time. In addition to the delicious Turkish and World cuisine dishes, there are also drinks that you can sip with pleasure.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served with the meals you choose on the Bosphorus Cruise  tour, depending on your preference. In this article, we will provide detailed information about alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served alongside various delicious dishes. But alcoholic beverages are generally preferred on the Turkish Night Cruise.


Raki, which was created by the Turks, is an indispensable type of alcoholic beverage at banquet tables. Raki obtained from agricultural products is mixed with suma and anise seeds to become an alcoholic beverage. It is known that raki was drunk dry in previous periods. However, nowadays it is mixed with water to obtain a softer taste. With its unique taste and smell, you can drink raki while chatting with your loved ones. You can increase your taste by drinking raki with the meals, appetizers and snacks served with it. It is preferred when mixed with water, especially with fish dishes. Raki drunk in the evening and at night becomes more delicious at banquet tables. Therefore, we recommend you to drink raki on the Bosphorus tour in Istanbul.


Beer, which has a deep-rooted history, takes its place on Turkish tables as in every country. However, the difference of beer from raki is that it is lighter and can be drunk in shabby places such as streets and parks. Beer with a lighter alcohol content can accompany a variety of savory dishes, appetizers and snacks. Beers, which generally have a yellow color, are obtained from barley, rye, oats and wheat. You can prefer the beer, which has a foamy structure, with your chosen meals and snack plates in summer and winter months. While sipping your beer on the İstanbul Bosphorus dinner cruise boat, you can pass the time of day with your loved ones and have fun.


You can enjoy the wine, which is preferred at banquet tables and on special occasions, on the İstanbul dinner Cruise on boat tour. Wine produced from grapes is one of the healthy beverage alternatives with a normal alcohol value. The wine, which differs according to grape types and production methods, is offered in pink, white, red and black colors depending on the person’s preference. Wine is a delicious beverage that has traditionally been served on tables and at special occasions. The most important thing that determines the taste of wine is that it is aged. You can enjoy the evening spent drinking wine while chatting with your loved ones, accompanied by the Bosphorus view.

Other Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)

Of course, the beverage options on the Bosphorus boat tour do not only consist of alcoholic beverages. There are delicious soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages. Fizzy drinks (cola, soda, etc.), ayran, fruit juice and turnip juice are also served, depending on your preference, alongside the meals you choose. Turnip juice belongs to Turkish cuisine and is usually served alongside grilled kebabs and meatballs. You can also choose turnip juice to try a new drink.

As a result, various beverage alternatives are available on Turkish Night Bosphorus dinner Cruise. You can choose what you want according to your taste and sip it in front of the unique view. From alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic beverages, many types of boat tours are waiting for you to be served. The Bosphorus dinner Cruise timings start in the evening and last for 3-4 hours. You can also easily make reservations for the private Bosphorus Cruise tours.


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