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Bosphorus Cruise: Elevating Special Events

The Bosphorus in Istanbul has an enchanting way of making any event extraordinary. Whether it is a dazzling dinner party, a stylish cocktail event, or a captivating art exhibition, hosting special events on a Bosphorus cruise is an experience like no other. Let’s dive into the charm of these unique occasions to see what options we have while throwing a special party at the Bosphorus.

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Dinner Party at the Bosphorus: A Feast for the Senses

The Bosphorus sets the stage for a dinner party that is not just a meal but an unforgettable experience. Here is why a dinner party at the Bosphorus is the ultimate feast for the senses:

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Stunning Views

As you dine on the deck of a Bosphorus cruise, you are serenaded by the  breathtaking views of Istanbul’s iconic landmarks. The shimmering waters and cityscape provide a visual feast that complements the culinary delights.

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Gourmet Dining

Catering on a Bosphorus cruise is a culinary journey. From fresh seafood to Turkish feasts and international cuisine, the menu is designed to tantalize your taste buds. It is a feast that will be remembered long after the event.


Romantic Atmosphere

A dinner party on the Bosphorus is inherently romantic. The serene waters, the soft glow of the city’s lights, and the soothing sway of the yacht create a romantic ambiance that is perfect for special occasions.

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Live Entertainment

Enhance the experience with live music, be it a soothing jazz ensemble or a lively Turkish band. The music adds a layer of entertainment that keeps the atmosphere vibrant.

Cocktail Party at the Bosphorus: Stylish Gatherings

A cocktail event on the Bosphorus combines style and sophistication. Here is why it’s perfect for creating memorable soirées:

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Scenic Background: The Bosphorus offers a unique backdrop for your cocktail event. The views of the city’s landmarks create an ambiance that is both stylish and captivating.

Elegant Settings: Bosphorus cruise providers offer various settings for your cocktail party, from chic lounges to open decks. You can choose the one that best suits your event’s style.

Tailored Themes: Customize the event with themed decorations and settings. Whether it is a black-tie affair, a retro-themed party, or a more casual gathering, the Bosphorus cruise can be transformed to match your vision.

Cocktail Delights: Enjoy signature cocktails and a selection of beverages that add to the evening’s charm. It is an opportunity to offer your guests an array of drinks that complement the night’s festivities.

Art Exhibitions on the Bosphorus: Captivating Displays

Hosting an art exhibition on a Bosphorus cruise is a unique way to showcase creativity. Here is why it is the perfect platform for captivating art displays:

Unique Venue: The Bosphorus cruise itself becomes an art piece, with ever-changing views of Istanbul. It is a dynamic and unique venue that complements the art on display.

Versatile Spaces: The various spaces on a Bosphorus cruise provide versatility for art exhibitions. From indoor galleries to open decks for sculptures and installations, you can curate the space to suit your art’s requirements.

Interactive Shows: Art exhibitions on a Bosphorus cruise can include interactive art experiences. It is an opportunity for guests to engage with the art and the artists, creating a dynamic and captivating atmosphere.

Cultural Fusion: Istanbul’s rich history and culture add depth to art exhibitions. It is an opportunity to showcase the fusion of tradition and modernity in an art context.

In conclusion, special events on a Bosphorus cruise are a unique and enchanting experience. Whether it is a dinner party that touches your senses, a cocktail event that blends style and sophistication, or an art exhibition that captivates your audience, the Bosphorus provides the perfect background. The combination of stunning views, elegant settings, and a dynamic atmosphere creates unforgettable memories for both hosts and guests. So, why not make your next special event extraordinary by choosing a Bosphorus cruise as your venue?

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    What is the cost of organizing a special event on a yacht in Bosphorus Istanbul?

    The cost of a special yacht event in Istanbul can change depending on multiple factors such as the type of boat, duration of the party, number of guests, services included, and the specific requirements of the event owner. Give us a call to check our plans or tell us your plans, ideas and dreams for your dream party. Let’s plan your tailor-made event together. After we settle on all the details, we can offer you a detailed cost report according to your specific needs and preferences.

    What do you see on a special event on the Bosphorus?

    You get vto see some of Istanbul’s most iconic and glamorous landmarks while having a special event on a private yacht on the Bosphorus:

    The Bosphorus Bridge

    Dolmabahce Palace

    Beylerbeyi Palace

    Maiden’s Tower

    Galata Tower

    Ciragan Palace

    Ortakoy Mosque


    Seaside villas along the Bosphorus Strait

    Is Bosphorus special event on a yacht worth it?

    Once in a while, we want to celebrate, exhibit or get together in a more special occasion. The keyword here is special. Special moments calls for a special treatment. Why not we plan an extraordinary event to make these “special” times even more special. Bosphorus’ allure, Istanbul’s enchanthing views are definitely worth it to mark a memorable moment.

    How can I plan a special event on a yacht in Istanbul Bosphorus?

    You are on the right address to plan your perfect event on the Bosphorus. Give us a call to share your ideas and your preferences in order for us to plan a tailor-made event for you. We surely will meet all your expectations.

    Are there any specific permits or legal requirements needed for hosting a special event on a yacht in the Bosphorus?

    There are some rules and regulations determined by the municipalities and governments that we should be following while Organizing an event on a boat or yacht on the Bosphorus. The first one  is Venue permit, that makes sure our boat is complied with all safety and security regulations to host events on board. Our boats is fully-equipped and complies with all required regulations to host the most unforgettable special event ceremonies such as birthday parties, weddings, bachelorette parties, etc… 

    Noise regulations are another element to consider when planning an event in Istanbul. As we will be sailing along the Bosphorus, the regulations are not that restrictive. While we offer the supreme service level, we make sure we are meeting all necessary rules and regulations.


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