Entertainment on Board

Whirling Dervishes (Sema) Show

In the footsteps of the worldwide famous mystic Rumi, the whirling dervishes show is one of the most unique performances that you can witness. It is the celebration of divine love. The Mevlevi Order members who are the followers Rumi’s Sufism philosophy performs this dance with the all white costumes and a peaceful music. Symbolizing mankind’s spiritual journey to reaching God. We are enjoying this exceptional show on our Turkish night Bosphorus dinner cruise. It is a must-see show while visiting Turkey, especially on a special boat cruising along the Bosphorus.

Oryantal (Belly Dance)

Belly dancing is a very common dance performance that can be watched in many entertainment activities in Turkey. Originated from Egypt, this dance form is performed in many parts of the world along with Turkey. With the rhytmic movements of hips and belly, the belly dancer performs a hypnotizing dance that makes everyone want to leave their seats and join. On a special night in Istanbul, with amazing views, exceptional food and drinks, an Oryantal show is a must-see to make it an even greater night.


One of the most famous Turkish folk dances is the “Zeybek” a special dance performance that is mostly common in Western and Southern Anatolia parts of Turkey. The dance is associated with bravery and dignity. The Zeybek dancers display a imposing and proud posture. They walk around freely, turn around and stand on their one knee with the rhythm of a deep, powerful local music. We are having the chance to watch this amazing dance show from the professional dancers on a very special night of dining cruise in Istanbul.

Latin Dance

Originated from Latin America, Latin dances are refers to a selection of local dances such as bachata, cha cha cha, salsa and many more. Representing a very lively form of dance, Latin dances can be the most popular dances around the world. All the Latin dances share some common points like rhytmic movements, synchronized steps and energetic music. On a private Istanbul dining boat tour, you will see some of the great examples of Latin dances to accompany delicious food and drinks.


Roman dance is a rhytmic performance that allows the dancer to perform in very distinct and charavterized moves with the music created by clarinet and darbuka(a kind of drum). Roman dance is a dance of improvisation, taking its inspiration from the pain and suffering of Roman people who had faced violence and discrimination in places they migrated. It is such great to see Roman people expressing their sadness with a very lively method. You can watch this amazing performance on a private night dinner cruise in Istanbul with top service quality.


One of the symbols of the Central Anatlian part of Turkey is the national dance “halay.” Highly popular in weddings and celebration events, Halay is a local dance that is performed by dancers creating a circle or a line while holding each others fingers or supporting each other’s shoulders. The “halaybasi” that is the leader of halay waves a piece of cloth and carries to group to a direction while determining the pace. With the sound of davul(drum) and zurna(a wind instrument), they halay dancers give an astounding performance. You will want to join the dancers on your Istanbul night Bosphorus cruise.

Kafkas (Circassian Dance)

Circassian dance is the national dance of Circassian people that were migrated around the world. As an indispensable part of their diaspora, it is a representation of bravery, pride and courtship. Circassian dancer performances requires great physical ability as they dance on their toes like ballet while using their legs and upper body for very distinct moves. Wearing a military style costume, Circassian performers dances with a very upbeat music created by drum and accordion. Do not miss the chance to witness this unforgettable show on a special dinner cruise in Bosphorus, Istanbul.


Popular in Turkey’s Black Sea region, Horon is a folk dance that is very well-known with its unique music and fast pace. An indispensable part of wedding and celebrations of Black Sea region, it is a very reviving performance completed by the drums, bagpipes and kemence. Horon dance tradition is also associated with ancient pagan worshipping practices. It is for sure one of the most extraordinary dances you can ever see. On our Istanbul dinner boat cruise, we are inviting you to enjoy this performance with us along with many other Turkish local dances.


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