Dining Cruise


Get Ready For An Enchanted Nignt in Istanbul!

The Bosphorus Dinner Cruise is a fantastic excursion that gives you the opportunity to cruise along the Bosphorus on a luxurious boat while enjoying an amazing selection of food from Turkish and World cuisine, watching Turkish folk dances and international dance acts.

Enjoy an unforgettable evening of food, beverages and entertainment aboard in our Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. Make the most of your evening in Istanbul with unlimited fun and pleasure while cruising on the Bosphorus Strait and witnessing Istanbul’s beautiful silhoutte at night. You will see some of Istanbul’s top architectural wonders along the strait; illuminated palaces, mosques and Bosphorus bridges. To accompany your perfect night belly dancers, whirling dervishes, circassian performers and many more will stage great shows. Not to forget the superior quality transportation between your hotel and the port with our air-conditioned, comfortable vehicles. In order to mark your Istanbul visit with a memorable experience, join us for this magical experience.


The Best Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Menus With Private Table

Vip Menu & Unlimited Alcoholic Drinks

Private table
Unlimited local alcoholic drinks
Pickup included

Standard Menu & Unlimited Alcoholic Drinks

Private table
Unlimited local alcoholic drinks
Pickup included

Vegetarian Menu & Unlimited Alcoholic Drinks

Private table
Unlimited local alcoholic drinks
Pickup included

Dining Cruise FAQ

Which tour should be preferred for night sightseeing in Istanbul?

The best tour to spend night time in Istanbul is the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. Exploring the city with its night view and participating in the program that reflects the Turkish culture in the tour is very enjoyable and fun.

How many hours does it take the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise?

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise is a 3-hour dinner cruise. Visit the historical sites of Istanbul in 3 hours with delicious Turkish food and feast.

What is the cost of Bosphorus Dinner Cruise?

The cost of the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, where you will spend pleasant and entertaining moments, varies according to the menu options. The cost is between 35 euro and 120 euro depending on the selected menus.

What time does the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise start in the evening?

The star-view Bosphorus Dinner Cruise starts at 20:30/21:00 and ends at 23:00.

What types of dance performances are included on the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise?

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, where you will have fun until the night, features beautiful traditional dances. These dances include Horon, Zeybek, Halay, Whirling Dervishes Show, Belly Dance, Latin Dance, Circassian Dance and Roman.

What dishes are on the menu on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise?

The menus on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise consist of dishes that appeal to everyone. Traditional Turkish dishes include appetizers, seafood and kebabs. The menus also include delicious dishes for vegetarians.

How long is the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise reservation?

Reservations can be made at the latest 2 hours before the start of the tour.

What types of drinks are available on the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise?

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise offers a variety of drinks that appeal to the palate of all guests. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available. Cocktails, beer, wine and similar alcoholic beverages are included in the menu.

Is there private table service on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise?

Yes, private table service is provided on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. You can choose the table you want and spend your time comfortably during the tour.

What kind of clothes should be preferred on the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise? At Bosphorus

Dinner Cruise, we recommend you to choose comfortable casual clothes.


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