Day Cruise


Day Cruise: Istanbul Bosphorus and Golden Horn Cruise with Audio Guide

Bosphorus Day Cruise plans to show you the iconic places of Istanbul like Bosphorus, Golden Horn and etc during 2 hours. And also historical places such as Topkapi Palace, Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower will be on your route.


  • Discover one of the oldest commercial centers of Istanbul; Golden Horn.
  • Historical places: Topkapi Palace, Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower will be on your route.
  • Enjoy on board between the continents of Asia and Europe
  • Listen about the history of İstanbul’s highlights from your audio guide; English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic

Unique Bosphorus Day Cruise

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Tour Guide

There are many historical places waiting for you on your Golden Horn tour. Historical places such as Topkapi Palace, Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower will be on your route. You will hear the history of these places from your guide and you will be very surprised. The Bosphorus and Golden Horn region, which sheds light on the history of Istanbul, consists of magnificent structures. These places are touristic regions in terms of history and beauty.

Here ara All The Places to visit and see on the Day Cruise Tour:

Galata Tower

Galata Tower is just one of the structures you will come across and discover on your Golden Horn tour. You can get surprising information about this historical building.

Topkapi Palace

You will discover Topkapi Palace, which has a century-old history, on the Golden Horn tour. Topkapi Palace, located between the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, has a magnificent structure. It attracts the attention of locals and foreigners with its sea view and being one of the oldest historical buildings.

Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower, which offers panoramic views, is one of the other historical buildings on our tour. The history of this structure, which was built in the middle of the sea, dates back to ancient times. The information conveyed by the guide about the Maiden’s Tower may surprise you. Because it is a tower that is the subject of legends.

Hagia Sophia Mosque

The Hagia Sophia Mosque, which draws attention with its four minarets and magnificent dome, is one of the historical structures to be seen in the Golden Horn. It is also known as the oldest cathedral in the world. Hagia Sophia Mosque, which has magnificent elements in terms of architecture, religion and history, will fascinate you.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace, located on the shore of the Bosphorus, is one of the structures that you will be amazed to see on the Golden Horn. Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, known as an important statesman in the history of the world and Turkey, passed away here. For this reason, it has the feature of one of the most important symbolic structures of our country. You will be fascinated to see Dolmabahçe Palace, which draws attention with its figures and designs in its interior and exterior architecture.

Ciragan Palace

Çırağan Palace, one of the oldest historical buildings in Turkey, is a brillant place. Its architecture and history are among the features that make Çırağan Palace unique. You can explore the architecture of this building with a Bosphorus view up close.

Ortaköy Mosque

One of the other places you will visit and see on Bosphorus cruise day trips is Ortaköy Mosque. Ortaköy Mosque, whose history dates back to 1853, is one of the places you will discover in the Bosphorus view. You can be impressed by the aesthetic and magnificent appearance of its architecture. This structure especially appeals to photographers.

Bosphorus Bridge

Bosphorus Daily curise offers you the opportunity to see the Bosphorus Bridge up close. On the Bosphorus Bridge, unique sea views, seagull sounds and light wind during the day can arouse different beautiful feelings in you.

You will witness the cultural, natural and historical sights of the city on the tour organized by Bosphorus day cruise Istanbul for you. You will tour each side of the Golden Horn on foot and see different landscapes. On the Golden Horn tour organized on the Bosphorus, you will see beautiful historical buildings, coastal villages and views.

Day Cruise FAQ

What are the places to visit on the Bosphorus Cruise?

There are many places to see on the Bosphorus tour. Bosphorus Bridge, Maiden’s Tower, Topkapi Palace, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Beylerbeyi Palace, Rumeli Fortress, Galata Tower, Ortaköy Mosque, Anadolu Fortress and Hagia Sophia Mosque, which shed light on the history of Istanbul, are among the places to visit. Coastal districts and Bosphorus mansions are also places to visit.

How many hours does the Bosphorus Tour take?

It takes 2 hours to see the historical places of Istanbul completely.

Which clothes should be preferred on a Day Bosphorus Cruise?

You can choose an outfit that you want and feel comfortable during your Bosphorus cruise.

What are the hours of the Bosphorus Day Cruise program?

Bosphorus Day Cruise is held twice a day. The tour program starts at 12:30 and 16:00.

In which languages will the guides provide information on the Bosphorus Day Cruise?

Information will be provided by expert guides in English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic on the Bosphorus Day Cruise.

What are the places to see on the Bosphorus Day Cruise?

Bosphorus Day Cruise features beautiful historical buildings. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Golden Horn, Galata Tower, Ortaköy, Bosphorus Bridge, Rumeli Fortress, Dolmabahçe Palace, Anadolu Fortress, Maiden’s Tower and Beylerbeyi Palace are among the places to see.

What is the cost of the Bosphorus Day Cruise?

Bosphorus Day Cruise costs 12 euros per person.

What are the must-attend tours in Bosphorus?

We strongly recommend you to join Bosphorus Day Cruise, Bosphorus Sunset Tour and Bosphorus Dinner Cruise.

Is the Bosphorus Day Cruise organized every day?

Yes. You can join the Bosphorus Day Cruise twice every day of the week to explore the historical sites of Istanbul during the day.

Should I prefer Bosphorus Day Cruise or Bosphorus Night Cruise?

Bosphorus Day Cruise is a tour program where you will explore Istanbul more closely during the daytime. Bosphorus Night Cruise is a tour program that includes traditional dances accompanied by Turkish food in front of the Bosphorus view. The choice is yours as both tours are beautiful from each other.


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