Istanbul and the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus tour in Istanbul is one of the indispensable activities. In addition to its geographical location, Turkey is a country famous for its historical and natural beauties. Each city has its own historical and natural beauties. The city that has a very important place in world history is undoubtedly Istanbul. The historical and cultural places increase the prestige of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city especially famous for its Bosphorus. The Bosphorus is one of the places worth seeing, preserving its structure from past to present. Being on the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus is also very prestigious in terms of its geographical location.

The Contribution of the Bosphorus to Tourism

All historical and cultural buildings are also tourism centers. The Bosphorus is one of these centers. Especially yacht and boat tours on the Bosphorus are very famous in the region. The Bosphorus is preferred for birthdays, marriage proposals, New Year’s feasts and many other concepts. It is also possible to rent a daily boat or yacht in the region. Therefore, you can experience unforgettable moments by joining the İstanbul dinner cruise on boat. The Bosphorus, which makes a great contribution to tourism, is indeed a place worth seeing.

Bosphorus Bridges

There are 3 bridges on the Bosphorus, each of which was built on different dates. These bridges are of great importance because they connect the continents. These bridges, which are also provided for journeys, are used very frequently. The bridges in question are Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and 15 July Martyrs Bridge. Each of them is a symbol of the Bosphorus, as it represents important events. At the same time, it is of great historical importance that it was built in the past.

Places to Visit in the Bosphorus

When you come to the Bosphorus, many places await you. There are many places of great historical importance on the Bosphorus. Bosphorus Cruise offers you the following places:

  • Galata tower
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Dolmabahçe Palace
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • Rumeli Fortress
  • Maiden’s Tower
  • Anatolian Fortress


These places, each more beautiful than the other, have a view of the Bosphorus and attract great attention by local and foreign tourists. Places that are beautiful both in terms of history and aesthetic appearance should definitely be visited when you come to the Bosphorus. You can spend pleasant time with your loved ones in these touristic places where you can also walk.

Activities to Do in the Bosphorus

Those who wish to visit the Bosphorus ask questions such as “what activities are available on the Bosphorus?” Fun and enjoyable activities await you on the legendary Bosphorus. Breakfasts and dinners against the Bosphorus view have become traditional here. Bosphorus Dinner cruise is one of these activities.  If you want to visit important historical structures on the Bosphorus in 1 day, we recommend boat tours. Turkish Night Cruise is one of these activities. Turkish Night Bosphorus Dinner Cruise will show you Turkish traditions consisting of various dance performances.

You can visit the places you want to see with excitement by joining the İstanbul Bosphorus dinner Cruise boat tours departing from the European and Anatolian sides. If you are considering special day organizations such as birthdays, marriage proposals, weddings, or wedding anniversaries, you can rent a boat. You can choose our boats to spend unforgettable special moments on the İstanbul dinner boat Cruise. Therefore, you can do any activity you want with your loved ones in these legendary places. The Bosphorus, which is generally famous for its historical buildings, is also famous for its crowded streets.

Private Bosphorus Cruise tours are also one of the best activities to do here, and they allow you to renew mentally and spiritually. You can experience incredible moments in the open air, especially on the boat tours you rent privately with your loved ones. It is also possible to benefit from all the services offered specifically to your request. You can join our boat tours whenever you want, or you can rent them according to the number of people and your concept. You can contact us for details of Bosphorus dinner cruise timings.


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