What is Dervish Show?

The Dervish Show, which is unique to Turks, is a performance that takes place in a variety of cultural venues. The show symbolizing Sufism is one of the Turkish traditions and is exhibited for local and foreign guests. Bosphorus Cruise is a boat tour agency that offers different activities. This time, Bosphorus Dinner Cruise offers to you dervish show. Because, this activity takes place on Turkish Night Cruise as well. Sema, which has a great place in Turkish belief, culture and tradition, symbolizes the Sufi journey in seven different sections. For this reason, we can say that it is an incredibly emotional show, especially for those who are interested in the field of mysticism. Bosphorus dinner Cruise timings, which also contains the Dervish show, include evening hours. You can continue reading the article to get detailed information about the Dervish Show, which lasted about 1 hour.

How to do Dervish Show?

The Dervish Show has a different show style and is performed with movements that symbolize mysticism. This show is one of the interesting shows on the Turkish Night Bosphorus dinner Cruise. The whirling dervish turns around with his arms outstretched, his right palm turned towards the sky, and his left palm turned to the left. These demonstration gestures carry a deep meaning. The aim of the whirling dervish movement in this show, which brings us very close to God spiritually, is to receive God’s grace. At the same time, there is another meaning that the whirling dervish whirling from right to left wants to express. With this gesture, he shows his acceptance of his love and faith in humanity.
The Dervish Show, which states that the real truth is found in Sufism, was also very important for Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, who has an important place in Turkish culture. According to the belief of Sufism, there is no real truth and perfection cannot be achieved. There are 7 parts to find this path. These sections are exhibited for you at Dervish Show. At the end of this Sufi journey, the dervish reaches the real truth and embraces all people with love and everything. This is how the whirling dervish, holding his arms crossed, begins his show. You can join the Bosphorus tour in Istanbul to watch this show.

Why Is It Called Whirling Dervishes?

The master of whirling dervishes is known as Mevlana and has a great importance in Sufism. Celaleddini Rumi is also the person who gave his name to the named whirling dervishes in this show. These people were Sufi masters and had a strong inclination towards Sufi issues. It is known that swirling dances accompanied by hymns, prayers and music were performed in their own periods in order to reach Sufism.

Etymology Of Whirling Dervish: What Really Is It?

Whenever the word “Whirling Dervish” is used and heard from one’s mouth, it is almost impossible not to imagine mysticism, spirituality, and an exceptional form of dance that has mesmerized and captivated people throughout time. This mysterious phrase has a rich etymology deeply rooted in the cultural and religious traditions of the Middle East. In fact, the word “Dervish” itself is taken from the Persian term “Darvish” which literally means “poor” or “beggar.” In Islamic Sufism, a Dervish is known as someone who has freed himself/herself from the material world and has chosen a path of poverty, ascetism, and religious devotion. Whirling in the Sufi dance or “Sema” is the second norm for a dervish and symbolizes a kind of spiritual journey.

The activity of Whirling Dervishes is deeply related to the words said by Rumi, the 13th-century poet as well as a popular teacher of the way. Rumi believed that the act of whirling could induce a trance-like state, allowing one to commune with the divine. The dance in a trance involves spinning in a counterclockwise circle while the right hand is held high into the heavens and the left hand held low to the earth, signifying a spiritual link between divine and mortal parts of creation. The spin is also known as an intense experience for seeking enlightenment through the body. Thus the etymology of the Whirling Dervish incorporates not merely linguistic origin but also highly spiritual significations enfolded in this mystical practice. The idea of Whirling Dervishes surpassing cross-cultural boundaries through different languages is indicative of spirituality devotion and a unique form of paying homage, making it an emblem of unity and enlightenment in the world platform.

Whirling Dervish Costumes: White vs Black-Robed Dervishes

The Whirling Dervishes’ dress is another point to emphasize the symbolism and, is an unavoidable factor of their spiritual practice. Such unique choices of attires are not only purposes of aesthetics but they carry within themselves the philosophy and history of this tradition. What makes Whirling Dervish garments though, especially about the different orders, is the whiteness, blackness of the long robes.

The Mevlevi order rooted in the 13th century by the famous Sufi poet and philosopher Rumi wears this white robe known as “tennure.” Like the Seress made when hit on the head with some lead, white color is considered to be a symbol of purity. When the Dervishes whirl, the white robes flow outside causing a sweeping effect like that of spiritual ascension. A Bektashi wears black robe, in which black stands for the total destruction of the ego-self and its submissiveness to the divine. One of the most distinguished features of its costume is the tall and conical hat called the “sikke” which symbolizes unity with the source divine. Therefore both costumes, white or black, are powerful visual metaphors of the spiritual journey and transformation taken by Whirling Dervishes so performances of them is not just a fascinating performance but also an extraordinary spiritual experience.

How is Dervish Show Different from Other Shows?

The Istanbul Bosphorus dinner Cruise boat is among the most preferred in the region. We also include a dervish show in our tour that various shows. So how is the dervish show different from the others? The Dervish Show, unlike other shows, has a completely different symbol. While most shows are for entertainment purposes, Dervish Show does not. On the contrary, you will feel the serenity and peace rather than having fun here. This show, which makes you feel the mystical ambiance deeply, aims to awaken deep emotions in you. While whirling dervishes perform, the ney instrument accompanies this show. You can choose us to participate in this show, which is exhibited in the evening.

Dervish Show is a mystical ceremony especially held in İstanbul dinner boat Cruise. You can find different feelings and meanings in this mystical show that brings you closer to God. We recommend you to attend this show as it is a very emotional environment. Since this mystical ceremony is a serene and religious environment, we recommend you to watch it carefully. You should not engage in distracting activities and take photos with flash. We believe that it will be an activity that is good for your soul as it will be a unique viewing ceremony. Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise offers you various treats after this show. You can contact us for the private Bosphorus Cruise tours information.


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