New Year Celebration on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

The place where you enter the new year should be very special and fun for you. To relieve the stress of the whole year, you should choose one of the venues consisting of various activities. Thus, you can have fun and enter the new year more energetically. So where should you spend New Year celebration? İstanbul, the center of entertainment and intellectuality, has many venues for new year celebration. One of them is the Bosphorus. How about an evening with a view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul? Here, the  Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, one of the most popular destinations, organizes special banquets for its guests.

If you want to have a pleasant and entertaining time, you can choose the Bosphorus Cruise. So what entertainment is here? The New Year’s Eve celebration organized on the boat tour consists of various activities and banquets. Turkish night Cruise is one of the best entertainment options on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. This concept consists of dances specific to the Turkish people. However, Turkish Night Bosphorus Dinner Cruise is not limited to these only. Belly dances and live DJ performances are also included in the concept.

You will have more fun with the dances performed in front of you while you eat. The most delicious Turkish food will be prepared and served to you. The staff who care about your wishes eill always be at you service to fulfill all your requests. So what dishes will you eat? Turkey with rice, appetizers, unlimited drinks, salads, champagne and desserts from Turkish cuisine will be served here. You will taste delicious foods and drinks, and watch dance performances specially prepared for you.

New Year’s Menu on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

As in every culture, special tables are offered to the guests on the new year celebration in Turkish culture. Various Turkish delicacies will be offered to you on the boat tour. The flavors included in the New Year’s menu are:

  • Kebaps
  • Various fish dishes
  • Vegetarian pizza and pastries
  • Stuffed vine leaves
  • Desserts
  • Rice
  • Appetizers Salads
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Of course, the New Year’s menu on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise does not only consist of meat dishes. Vegetarien menus are also available and offered to you on the boat tour. A variety of pizzas and pastries are available for vegetarians, and they are served with the drinks you want. Therefore, there are different tastes considered for everyone participating in the tour.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise New Year Celebration Program Details

You can get rid of the stress of the whole year by participating in unlimited entertainment activities at New Year celebration. Bosphorus dinner Cruise timings last from 20.00 to 00.00. The dance shows prepared for you consist of Henna Night, Tambourine Dance, Aşuk Maşuk, folcloric dances, belly dance and live DJ performances. Bosphorus tour in İstanbul  is specially prepared for all guests. This fun tour starts in the evening and ends at night. The sightseeing tour, which starts from the coast of the European side, also includes places that sed light on the history of İstanbul. Experiencing an unforgettable day on new year celebration on a Luxury boat can prepare you better for the new year. At the same time, by choosing private Boshorus Cruise tours, you can experience unforgettable moments on the boat with only you and your loved ones.

How about watching the unique natural beauty of İstanbul dinner cruise on boat You can have fun with your loved ones in front of this view and immortalize your Istanbul dinner boat cruise moments. You can leave another year behind with feats and entertainment planned around the theme of new year’s celebration. The melodies of Turkish music will accompany you while you eat at the tables containing delicious  food and drinks. After dinner, you will spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.  We wish you a healthy, happy, peaceful and successful start to the new year after the champagnes are exploded at 00.00. We hope you and your loved ones enter the New Year in the best way possible the  fireworks taking place in the Bosphorus.


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