What is the Oriental Show?

As Bosphorus Cruise, we offer an oriental show to give you pleasant moments. The Oriental Show is an enjoyable show organized for entertainment purposes. It also has an important place in the oriental Turkish culture, which is originally from the Middle East. It is particularly enjoyable to watch. Belly dance, which has a deep-rooted history, has maintained its popularity today. Oriental Show is a type of dance that mostly appeals to women. It is also performed by men. While women performing belly shows are called belly dancers, men are called dancers. Thanks to Turkish Night Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, you will enjoy the oriental show. In this article, we will give you information about the Oriental Show, which is a fun and aesthetic dance.

Where did the oriental show originate?

How about watching an Oriental Show on the Istanbul dinner boat cruise? The Oriental Show, which has existed since ancient times, is essentially Middle Eastern. The dance that emerged in the Middle East later spread to the west. The music of the Middle East is quite suitable for belly dancing. The harmony with both rhythm and dance is quite remarkable. One of the distinctive features of the oriental is that it is done barefoot in the original. Abdominal, hip and thoracic movements are included in oriental movements.

At the same time, this dance is performed solo rather than as a group. For this, trained belly dancers and dancers take place on the stage. There are also differences in the oriental, which is similar to the Egyptian, Roman and Turkish schools. Although every culture adds something of itself to belly dance, it can never be separated from its essence. We can say that it is an indispensable oriental dance that takes its place in every entertainment activities. Therefore, we see oriental shows in almost every country today. To be participated in this activity, you should definitely join our Istanbul Bosphorus dinner cruise boat tour.

Where is the Oriental Show held?

Oriental Show is a dance show performed in various entertainment venues. We include this show on the Bosphorus tour in Istanbul for you. You can join our Oriental Show event to have a fun time by the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. Here you can watch entertaining belly dance with professional belly dancers. If you wish, you can have fun by participating in the belly dance. Thus, you can get rid of the stress of life and refresh mentally. You may not even want to sit down in this very entertaining dance. It is possible to have fun with the oriental show, which becomes aesthetically pleasing with belly movements. Accompanied by our trained belly dancers, you can join this fun activity whenever you want.

How does the Oriental Show take place?

The Oriental Show, organized for the entertainment of all guests, takes place in the company of professional belly dancers. After the food and drinks are served, professional belly dancers take the stage for the belly show. The professional music team is also one of the biggest parts of this show. The oriental show becomes more unique with the Istanbul dinner Cruise on boat tour.

Who can attend the Oriental Show?

Since the Oriental Show is an entertainment activity that appeals to everyone, guests of all ages can participate. We believe that all guests will have a pleasant time without getting bored with Turkish Night Cruise show. It creates an incredible ambiance with oriental fun music consisting of aesthetic and impressive dance figures. If you want to watch or accompany this dance, you should definitely participate.

Depending on your request, we can organize this show for you by joining the private Bosphorus Cruise tours. The Oriental Show on the Bosphorus tour will be very enjoyable for you in the evening, in front of the magnificent view. But the Bosphorus dinner Cruise timings may change on private boat tours. While sipping your drink, you can have fun with your loved ones accompanied by an Oriental Show and experience unforgettable moments. It is possible to attend the Oriental Show, which is one of our various organizational entertainments, whenever you want.


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