Istanbul Transportation Guide

Istanbul Transportation Guide

When you go on a trip to a place, you need to know the transportation routes of that city
relatively well. Otherwise, you may not know where to go on your trip. You definitely need a
guide, especially in a city like Istanbul, which is crowded, big and has complicated
transportation routes. In addition, Istanbul, with its Bosphorus, offers special services such as
Bosphorus Cruise and ferry ride. Today, we will talk about how you can travel in Istanbul and
how you can use the means of transportation.


Istanbul is a city where regular metro transportation has been provided for about 30 years. In
many parts of the city, there are metro stations that will be connected to each other. In the
city, where 9 metro lines are currently operating, there is also a state-affiliated enterprise
called Marmaray, which connects the European and Anatolian side. Marmaray makes it
easier for you to cross to the other side with Bosphorus Cruise tours and city ferry lines. If
you want to cross the other side quickly and plan to travel in the city without getting caught in
traffic, we can say that the metro lines are for you.


Tram has a very important place in Istanbul transportation. At the moment, you can travel
without getting stuck in Istanbul traffic with only 4 tram lines on the European side. You can
make your trip more enjoyable with the T1 tram line passing through the historical peninsula,
and you can both travel and watch the beauties of the environment.


The bus is one of the alternatives that helps you to go to special places that you cannot
reach in Istanbul. We do not recommend taking the bus to busy areas because you may
encounter traffic and stay on the road for long hours. In addition, you can go to the areas in
the districts that cannot be reached by the metro and tram, by bus.


The ferry has been one of the indispensable means of transportation in Istanbul since
ancient times. Sometimes vehicle ferries and sometimes passenger ferries contribute to
Istanbul’s beautiful silhouette. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you join a Bosphorus
Cruise tour or take a city ferry to the other side. Thus, you can explore the famous
Bosphorus, and watch the unique beauty of Istanbul and the Bosphorus throughout your trip.


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