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Join the Most Fun and Enjoyable Private and Group Events on the Water

Are you ready to participate in the most fun water events? If your answer is yes, you can go to the place where the water event organized for you in Istanbul is held. Bosphorus Cruise offers you a fun and enjoyable water activity in the face of magnificent views in favorable weather conditions. This water event is a boat trip. On the boat, we offer specially prepared menus, different entertainment, all-inclusive packages and customized events. We have a variety of customized organizations from corporate to family. This is possible with Private Bosphorus Tour !


Private Bosphorus Yachts

Bosporus 1

Boat length 18 m.
Up to 10

Bosporus 2

Boat length 17.5m
Up to 12

Bosporus 3

Boat length 23 m.
Up to 18

Bosporus 4

Boat length 27 m.
Up to 12

Bosporus 5

Boat length 24 m
Up to 12

Bosporus 6

Boat length 15 m.
Up to 10

Bosporus 7

Boat length 17 m.
Up to 10

Bosporus 8

Boat length 20 m
Up to 15

Bosporus 9

Boat length 15 m.
Up to 10

Bosporus 10

Boat length 17 m.
Up to 10

Bosporus 11

Boat length 20 m
Up to 15

Bosphorus Event Boats

Event Boat 1

Boat length 42 m.
Up to 250

Event Boat 2

Boat length 37 m
Up to 300

Event Boat 3

Boat length 42 m.
Up to 70

Event Boat 4

Boat length 42 m.
Up to 700

You can have breakfast with your loved ones in front of the picturesque view prepared from unique menus on the Bosphorus and have a meal in front of the unique colored sky at sunset. At the same time, you can have romantic and pleasant moments in the evening by eating the special meals offered by Bosphorus Cruise. Whether you are a single person or a group of 300 people, you will be served on private boats. You can realize all these requests and activities with our Luxury Private Yacht Rental service.

We also have hotel transfer service with luxury vehicles. You can take advantage of this service whenever you want. For special organizations, if you wish, we find a guide for you in the language you want. The guide tells you the unique history and information of the Bosphorus. In short, whatever you want specially on our Private Bosphorus Cruise, we carefully fulfill for you.

Social Events on the Boat in İstanbul

If you are visiting Istanbul, you can celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and first dates on our boat. For these celebrations, it would be ideal to choose a luxury boat across the unique Bosphorus. Bosphorus Cruise offers a variety of special menus, full bar service and all-inclusive packages to suit your celebration concept. Private Bosphorus Strait Sightseeing Yacht Cruise will welcome you with the special celebrations you dream of.

You can spend special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduation parties, family celebrations, business lunch meetings or couples’ family get-togethers in a beautiful and fun way on our luxury boats in front of the fascinating and peaceful Bosphorus Bosphorus view. You can spend special moments with peace of mind with our safe yachts and boats in suitable weather conditions. We will always be at your service during your preferred organization activities and will fulfill your needs and wishes. You can contact us for information about our Luxury Private Cruise Rental service.

Corporate Events on the Boat in Istanbul

Indoor activities may not always be the preferred option for corporate events. With Bosphorus Cruise, it is possible to organize a corporate event on the water with the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul. On our luxury boats, you can feel the sea air deeply and participate in a business event as if you were on vacation. By taking advantage of our Luxury Yatch Rental service, you can realize a corporate organization that will make you and your guests happy.

Get ready for delicious meals prepared by special chefs, convenient areas for meetings and a party where you will have fun with your colleagues on our luxury boats and yachts of your choice! We carry out corporate boat organizations specifically for your request. You can choose our safe and well-equipped luxury boats and yachts for an unforgettable corporate organization for your guests. While you eat your meals and sip your drinks, the unique historical buildings of Istanbul will accompany you. Enjoy watching places such as the Maiden’s Tower, Galata Tower and Bosphorus Bridge! We always offer Private Bosphorus Yatch and boat rental services.

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    Private Bosphorus Yatch F.A.Q

    What is the cost of yacht rental in Istanbul?

    There are different tariffs per hour for yacht rental in Istanbul. There are tariffs starting from 85 euros.

    What is the minimum duration of a yacht rental?

    The minimum yacht rental time is 2 hours.

    I would like to rent a yacht for brunch, lunch or dinner on the Bosphorus. Is this possible?

    Yes, it is. You can contact us to get detailed information about this request.

    Are there special decoration services for celebration dinners on yachts?

    Yes, we do. Special decoration services are available in accordance with the celebration concepts. You can contact us for more detailed information about this subject.

    I want to organize a pleasant and productive corporate event in Istanbul. What kind of place should I choose for this?

    There are many places to choose for a corporate event in Istanbul. However, the type of event is a factor that will determine the venue. It can be a small meeting, a seminar, a conference, an opening ceremony or a celebration with dinner. All these events require an equipped place. In Istanbul, there are places such as indoor conferences and hotels. However, if you are looking for an extraordinary place, you can choose Bosphorus Cruise. You can enjoy your corporate event on equipped and luxurious boats in front of the Bosphorus view.

    What is the location of the yacht departure piers?

    The location of the yachts’ departure piers are Istinye and Bebek piers on the European side of Istanbul.

    Is Bosphorus Cruise suitable for a birthday celebration?

    It is definitely suitable. Having a birthday party in front of the unique and mesmerizing Bosphorus view is an unforgettable activity. You can choose one of our luxury boats and yachts for a special and enjoyable birthday celebration. If you have a birthday organization idea, you can share it with our team. We are ready to make birthday plans starting today!

    How much does a corporate event cost in Istanbul?

    The cost of organizing a corporate event in Istanbul varies according to the capacity of people and the preferred place. Bosphorus Cruise meets your entertainment, food and beverage needs at affordable prices. You can contact our team for more information on this subject.

    Should I prefer daytime or evening on the boat for a birthday celebration?

    Bosphorus Cruise offers a brunch and dinner cruise for birthday celebrations. Therefore, the choice is up to you. However, for a more special and fun party, you can choose our dinner cruise. Nevertheless, a birthday celebration with brunch will also be an ideal event to get sea air in the summer months.

    Where should I choose as the best outdoor corporate event in Istanbul?

    In Istanbul, you can choose a corporate event on a boat with Bosphorus view and sea air. You can prefer Bosphorus Cruise as an outdoor event in Istanbul. Our team is already ready to organize a corporate organization in accordance with your wishes!


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