Famous Dishes of Istanbul

Istanbul has places worth seeing as well as flavors worth tasting. In particular, some of Istanbul’s
dishes are quite famous. You can try different dishes in Istanbul, where street, restaurant and
restaurant culture blend. If you are in Istanbul for the first time and can’t decide what to eat, this
article is for you. Because we will explain the famous dishes of Istanbul, which are different from
each other.

It is possible to see street vendors making fish bread at many corners of Eminonu street. Eminonu
fish bread was one of the most admired flavors of Istanbul. You can enjoy it by eating bread stuffed
with vegetables and fish.

Ortayakoy kumpir is one of the famous flavors of Istanbul, which attracts the attention of local and
foreign tourists. Various garnishes and sauces put on the roasted potatoes create this flavor.

Sariyer borek is one of the most delicious local pastries. This pastry, which consists of different
fillings, pleases those who eat it with its smell and crunch. Therefore, we recommend Sariyer pastry
for breakfast or tea/coffee hours when you are in Istanbul.

If you are in Suleymaniye neighborhood, we strongly recommend you to eat dried beans. There are
various restaurants for dried beans, which is special to this neighborhood. You can choose this dish
for your lunch or dinner.

Istanbul’s famous Pierre Loti is also a good place for a variety of coffees. Here you can sip your
favorite coffee in front of a magnificent view.

Beyoglu Chocolate is a type of chocolate that is unique to Istanbul and has made a name for itself
throughout Turkey. Available in many different varieties, these chocolates have a unique flavor. You
can eat Beyoglu Chocolate, which stands out with its freshness and intense chocolate, with your

Istanbul Pilaf, a flavor from the past to the present, is also very famous. You can choose and taste
this pilaf, which is served with chicken, meat, fish and vegetables, according to your taste.

Sultanahmet Kofte should not be overlooked among the famous flavors of Istanbul. Especially if you
are a meatball lover, you will admire the meatballs made here in a unique way.

One of the local delicacies unique to the Vefa district of Istanbul is boza. It is one of the most famous
drinks of Istanbul and is recommended to be consumed in winter months. With its unique taste and
thick consistency, you can try this drink from the booze shops in Istanbul.

Snack food and Turkish delight varieties are also one of the flavors you can find in Istanbul’s Misirci
Bazaar. You can buy and try these flavors in hundreds of varieties as you wish. These foods are also
souvenirs. You can buy and gift these foods to your loved ones.

Among the famous flavors of Istanbul are fish dishes on the Bosphorus. You can taste these fish
dishes made from different seafood accompanied by the magnificent Bosphorus view. There are
many stylish and authentic fish restaurants on the Bosphorus.

Kanlica Yogurt, which has made a name for itself since the Ottoman period, is one of the symbolic
flavors of Istanbul. The yogurt of Kanlica district, which stands out with its clean air, must be tried.
This yogurt can even be mixed with powdered sugar according to taste.

Uykuluk is one of Istanbul’s favorite delicacies. You can find this delicacy, especially eaten at night, at
street vendors. Since it is made with oil and different spices, it may appeal to your taste buds.

Kokorec, one of the famous flavors of Istanbul, is sold on the streets or in small food establishments.
This delicacy is prepared in a very clean way, made from animal intestines and cooked in embers. It is
then spiced and served.

Wet hamburger is one of the flavors you can taste in every district of Istanbul. The most important
feature of this flavor is that the hamburger bread is soaked with special sauce and served. You can
try this flavor even if you are full.

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