Dining on board: Bosphorus Dinner Cruise


While you are in Istanbul, the Bosphorus is one of the first places to see thanks to. As it is a unique landmark, separating Istanbul into two continents, it is a one of a kind sightseeing that should not be missed. You can pay a visit to the Bosphorus passing by, that is one option. Or you can create an unforgettable memory by joining a unique journey.


Turkish cuisine is one of the most diverse and delicious cuisines of the world. It  is a rich combination of meat, fish, vegatables, legumes, fresh herbs, different spices, etc… It is amazing to see how many different delices Turkish people can create with these ingredients. Kebabs, seafood, mezes (appetizers), deserts, candies, beverages, they are all unique and they are all so tasty. You will come along some very special new tastes like Turkish raki, baklavas, pastrami and many more Turkish food and drinks. If you are willing to join a night dinner cruise with Bosporus Cruise, you will get to enjoy an exceptional selection of Turkish food and beverages. No need to say, you will have this splendid dinner in a regular way. You will be accompanied by the magical nocturnal views of Istanbul, the lights, the sea and the stars at night along with 10 different dance shows to increase the level of fun. There are three types of menu; so it is for sure you will find the one that suits you the best.



Joining this exquisite dinner cruise that is taking place on the one and only catamaran of Istanbul shores, would not it be nice to make the best of the night with a Premium menu. Amazing foods and drinks on your table while you are watching full energy, professional dance shows should be definitely on your bucket list tol ive a night to remember.

There is Turkish proverb that says “There is only bird’s milk missing on this table” in order to praise a great menu prepared. Our VIP Menu  is just that, you can find a lot of delicious food including great seafood and meat dishes like Shrimp Stew, Beaf Medallion to patries like Italian pastas as well as great mezes (appetizers) to traditional Turkish deserts. You have beverage options as alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Depending on your preference, you will for sure have an amazing night of great food and fun. We guarantee that you will end the night with a full stomach and happy memories.



VIP Menu is very rich, that is a fact; but our Standard Menu is no worse than that. You may want to focus more pn entertainment and a bit less on food. Standard Menu can be your choice. It has a lot of tasty dishes like vegatable spring rolls, haydari (a traditional Turkish starter meze), meat skewer, salad and many more. Of course, there is Turkish deserts and beverages as in all our other menus. And again, alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available.



Turkish food does not only consist of meats of course. Our vegetarian guests for sure find great food and drinks to enjoy. Great vegetarian options are available at our menu such as vegatable pizza or vegatable gratin, stuffed leafs, spring rolls, mezes. Not to forget traditional Turkish deserts and drinks. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it is certain that you will have a great dinner on our boat serenaded by the mesmerizing Istanbul views and uplifting dance shows.

Food is always a mood booster; however food in the presence of great view on a cruise along with magnificent dance shows is so much more. It is an experience, an unforgettable memory… Join one of our night dinner cruise and fill your Istanbul memories with matchless moments.


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