6 Must-Try Foods in İstanbul

6 Must-Try Foods in İstanbul

Turkish cuisine is one of the few cuisines in the world. In Turkey, which hosts important
dishes, you can find more than one dish that suits your taste. While strolling on the street,
you can buy a delicious bagel from a peddler and enjoy it with a cup of tea across the
Bosphorus. In addition, during the Bosphorus Cruise, you can have special meals
accompanied by the Bosphorus view. Here are the delicacies you must eat when you go to


simit picture
Simit is a dough dish, which is actually the Turkish version of Bagel. This product, which is
flavored with sesame, sometimes with butter and sometimes with molasses, is one of the
most famous breakfast dishes in the country. We also recommend that you buy a bagel
during the Bosphorus Cruise and feed the seagulls around you.

Balık Ekmek (Fish Sandwich)

If you go to Eminönü district, you will see that there are many balık ekmek restaurants and
peddlers around. These businesses, which serve in small ship-restaurants, sell fish and
bread, which is the classic taste of the country. Delicious fish extracted from the Bosphorus
are flavored with various vegetables and served to you. In addition, one of the most
important snacks you can eat during the Bosphorus Cruise tour is fish bread.


When asked what is the most famous dish in Turkey, many peoples answer will be kebab.
This dish, which can be eaten all over the country and loved by all Turkish people, is also
very popular in Istanbul. You should definitely try this dish, in which ground beef is strung on
skewers and cooked in a type of barbecue called mangal.


If you crave dessert after dinner, we should mention that you have many options in Turkey.
But the baklava, which belongs to the city of Gaziantep, has a very important place among
Turkish desserts. This dessert, which is created by stacking 20 layers of very thin dough and
adding pistachio, can put you in a sugar coma!


You’ve never seen a boiled potato like this before! You will love this snack where a simple
potato is enriched with butter, cheese, sauces and special ingredients! The pleasure of sitting
by the Bosphorus by buying a kumpir from the famous kumpir sellers, especially around
Ortaköy, is indescribable.

Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)

Lahmacun, which we can call Turkish pizza, is one of the dishes you should definitely try.
This flavor, which is created by spreading special minced meat on the thin dough and cooked
in the oven, will change your perspective on pizza. This dish, which you can flavor with
lemon and turn into a burrito wrap with various greens, will never be erased from your


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